Samar, Israel

Located 34 km north of Eilat, Kibutz Samar is the site of AORA’s first CSP prototype module, which has been in operation since 2009, injecting thousands of kW of utility-grade power into the Israeli national power grid every year. This prototype unit has been the testing ground and upgrading proof facility for this versatile 100kW micro plant design.

Almeria, Spain

Located near the village of Tabernas north east of the city of Almeria in southern Spain, the Solar Platform of Almeria (PSA) is the  European largest and most exclusive Science Park/Center dedicated solely to the research and development of solar-based power-generating systems. The AORA Micro CSP module was accepted to this elite club, and construction was completed in 2011. Presently completing commissioning and certification, the plant started producing utility grade electrical power in 2012.