AORA is a pioneer of DST electrical generation technology, providing the most reliable, cost-effective, environmentally beneficial solution on the market. Having developed the only functioning solar-hybrid system in the world capable of 24/7 energy production, AORA now has several operational Tulip™ field installations and more projects scheduled.

The 4 Key Advantages

    • AORA’s unique modular distributed solar thermal (DST) technology is configured in compact base units (100kWe each) that are connectable, offering scalable utility-grade power for both on-grid and stand alone applications. Additionally, AORA’s technology allows developers to commission and finance solar fields in phases, offering the added benefit of quick entry into the market. The modularity of the system enables a constant supply of electricity, even while individual units are undergoing repairs or routine maintenance.

    • The Tulip™ hybrid system is capable of working around the clock, even at night and in heavy cloud coverage, using alternative fuels to continue powering the micro turbine. Quick response heat augmentation by fuel burners provides constant heat input to the turbine, maintaining grid stability by supplying solar power or by slowly minimizing the power generated by the turbine.

    • Whether powered by the sun or by alternative fuels such as diesel, natural gas, LNG, bio gas and bio fuel, AORA’s Tulip™ produces 170kW of heat energy that can be used for heating, cooling (absorption chillers), hot air/water for industrial and domestic processes, dehumidification of bio-waste and desalination.

    • Water can be scarce in locations with abundant sunlight, so every drop counts. Unlike other solar thermal systems that use steam to drive large turbines, Tulip™ uses hot air to power microturbines, requiring just 8% of the amount of water that CSP steam technologies consume. The water that AORA uses cools turbine intake air above 35°C.

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24/7 Power Generation
minimal Water Usage
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Accessible Heat Byproducts
Phased Project Financing


In addition to the warranty provided with each unit sold, AORA offers an optional (at additional cost) complete service and maintenance program for operators of its equipment. This plan provides a comprehensive inspection and preventive maintenance program as well as all-encompassing service and parts support in the event of an interruption in production due to a malfunction.

Operation of each Tulip™ unit can also be monitored remotely at the offices of AORA, together with data recording, to assist in diagnosing the cause of a failure or decrease in efficiency. Similarly, an operator of multiple units can purchase the same capability, allowing for the control of multiple units at several sites from a single location.