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Why Go Solar Energy?

A residential solar PV panel system in US can cost on average $3.60 per watt after installation. This means that the average consumer can save the customer over $20,000 over 20 years.


Solar Leasing or PPA

Leasing a solar panel system is an affordable way to get solar and save money instantly. Not many U.S. residents can afford solar so leasing/PPA is an alternative. Learn more about solar leasing/PPA here.


Does solar raise the value of my home?

Generally solar can raise the price of the home since the next buyer will reap the solar benefits of your panel system.


Lower your monthly expenses and increase your property value instantly.

Most New Jersey homeowners qualify for a residential solar program that saves them thousands and they don't even know it.

There are huge incentives to go solar and they are set to expire at the end of 2019. It is now a better time than ever to go solar to save money. You can save money instantly by lowering your electric bill and increase the value of your property.

Utility Bill Savings Comparison

The government funded program is designed to offset the cost of installing solar panels in many states such as New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania and more. The solar program has become so popular in the state that funds put aside by the government to fund them (Tax Rebates and various other Financial Incentives) are running out very quickly.



The short answer is yes. We’ve partnered with reputable solar companies to give you actual costs. They will provide a breakdown of the various payment plans and explain how much you will save from each option.


The short answer is yes. In some states, you can actually get solar for free. It will be $0 cost to the home owner through the leasing program. Solar companies will need to assess your home to take things into consideration such as roof size, energy usage and other variables.

How do I see if I qualify for solar?

It's 100% free to find out if you qualify, and only takes a minute.


Step 1

Fill out a few questions about your home to see if you qualify. (these answers must be accurate in order to determine eligibility)


Step 2

We will check your answers and confirm with our local solar installers and provide an estimate for the cost of solar & potential savings.

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Average cost of your electric bill:

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