2020 Solar Incentives & Rebates in California

Solar power is one of the most important growing sources of energy in the modern day. Rising to the forefront of the renewable energy sector within the past few decades, there are plenty of solar incentives to help inspire the next generation of homeowners to implement this form of clean energy.

Since its inception in 1954, solar panels have provided a clean method of generating electricity from a seemingly ubiquitous source, the sun. While recently becoming more commonplace in the home consumer market, they have been in use by businesses for decades. They provide a clean and self-sufficient power source for those who are environmentally conscious.

Thankfully, when looking to obtain access to solar power, California has a wide variety of options. This is a great idea, since California gets plenty of Sunshine – enough to provide a LOT of very cheap, and affordable power.

California is home to some of the greatest solar rebates and solar incentives in the United States, and is a very affordable place to implement this energy into day to day life.

California Rebate Programs

Homeowners are able to use rebate programs in plenty of different locations within California. These rebates essentially provide value to the shippers of solar panels, paying them from around $500 total (or $0.95 per watt of installed capacity). Examples of this include Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), which is one of the leading solar tax credit providers in California. Their program allows homeowners to finance the installation and repay the fees through property taxes. Another example of this includes Rancho Mirage Energy Authority, in which RMEA will give you $500 to take care of the cost for the permit.

But that’s not all of it – there are even more solar incentives available in California. The DAC-SASH program stands for Disadvantaged Communities – Single-family Solar Homes, which is a program that gives rebates to income-eligible, single-family home upfront. Homeowners need to also be customers of PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric), SCE (Southern California Edison) or SDG&E (San Diego Gas and Electric) to receive the benefits of this program.

California Tax Credit

The final thing worth mentioning about solar power in this state is the California tax credit. The overall goal of this to help incentivise the population to move towards this type of energy. The ITC, or Investment Tax Credit, has recently been extended to the year 2021, which provides a 26 percent discount on all additional state incentives/rebates to those who purchase a solar panel system.

There are plenty of more benefits that stem from moving to solar power: an overall cleaner approach to household energy, and protecting the environment for future generations. Energy from fossil fuels is extremely harmful to the environment, and is a form of non-renewable energy. This means that once we run out – that’s it. Solar is renewable, safe, and a fantastic way of harvesting energy for free.

All around, this set of opportunities makes solar power a wonderful option for those looking to find a new source of energy to work with, and get it for free/reduced cost. 

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