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6 Tips In Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Solar panels get dirty. That’s just what happens when an object is outside all day, every day. We bring this up because you might find situations when you think, “Should I clean my solar panels?

Our answer to that question is, “Of course, if you feel it’s required.” We understand that it might not sound as conclusive as you might want. However, cleaning your solar panels could be subjective. You might never need to clean your solar panels depending on things like your solar design, local weather conditions, or location.

You might find businesses that might offer you solar cleaning services. However, it would still be an advantage you know how to clean them.  There are times that the cleaning services are fully booked, or you do not have enough funds to cover the fees. Luckily, we’ve got the cleaning tips you just need.

So how do you clean our solar panels? Check the following tips:

  1. Learn the right ways of cleaning your solar panel

No one provides recommendations on how to clean and treat your solar panels like the supplier. Installation manuals of modules are accessible on the internet. Most come included with your solar panels. Ensure you check them out first and learn about your modules.

  • Use hand gloves

Solar panels are generally hot since they are exposed to the sun. To avoid being hurt and burned, it’s advisable using smooth hand gloves. Also, it would be smart to clean the solar panels in the morning.

  • Prepare a bucket of soapy water

Use a soap that has no strong chemicals. Soaps used for laundry are not advisable since it contains stronger chemicals that can remove stains.

These types of chemicals might interact negatively to your solar panels. If you used a powdered soap, make sure the powder had been diluted, and there are no tidbits left. This is to avoid creating any scratch in the panels.

  • Use a non-abrasive sponge

Make sure you use the right cleaning equipment when cleaning your solar panels. The panel’s glass is very robust. However, using harsh materials could scrape the surface of the glass. You can utilize a sponge to wash them up or use a soft brush if your solar panels are mounted on the surface.

You can use a soft brush combined with a long extension if they’re installed in the roof. That will make the job safer and more manageable from the ground.

  • Don’t utilize a high pressure

Did you know that using high pressure water to clean your panels could force the water to come in into the plugs or junction box? Remember that these are not sealed. We suggest that you use a hose with a pressure that stays below 40 bar.

  • Use water with the same temperature

Manufacturers don’t suggest using either hot or cold water to clean the panels. It’s best to clean them using ambient temperature water during early mornings (between 6 to 7 AM).

There you have it! Make sure you follow these six tips so you can maintain your solar panels for many years to come.

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